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Julien Baudrand

As responsible and conscious miners, we believe that mining can create long-term value, not only for our shareholders, but for all our stakeholders: employees, suppliers, communities and host countries… To achieve this, we optimize our efforts toward robust governance, focused risk and opportunity management, operational excellence, and transparency.”

Our approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s business framework which is defined by its vision, mission and values.

Fortuna sees sustainability as a long-term value creation for all stakeholders, maximizing benefits for our shareholders, employees, suppliers, communities, and more.

This understanding has led us to make a fundamental commitment to integrate sustainability into our business strategy, governance and day-to-day operations.

To achieve our company’s vision and mission while respecting our core values, we developed a Sustainability Framework to guide us towards operational excellent. Our sustainability Framework is structured around

  1. Core Elements and Pillars
  2. Organizational Components
  3. Management System Key-Elements

Our Governance

Good governance starts at the board level, flowing through the entire organization and ensuring the highest levels of accountability.

Our Material ESG factors

What is important for Fortuna Mining? Where can we add the most value?

Our Disclosure

Provision of expected, timely and quality information is essential to transparency and building trust with our stakeholders.

Our Stories

How responsible mining can go beyond “Zero Harm”, produce net positive effects for society, and touch people’s lives.


Fortuna Mining´s role in enabling socio-economic development through our operations and programs, enables the company to contribute to United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read our Sustainability report to discover how Fortuna supports the worldwide effort to end poverty, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth while protecting the environment.

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