Seasoned leadership with an in-depth understanding of the world’s premier regions which host our mines and projects.

Board of Directors

David Laing
Independent Board Chair
Jorge A. Ganoza
President, CEO and Director
Kylie Dickson
Independent Director
David Farrell
Independent Director
Kate Harcourt
Independent Director
Mario Szotlender
Alfredo Sillau
Independent Director
Salma Seetaroo
Independent Director

Executive Leadership Team

Jorge A. Ganoza
President, CEO and Director
Linda Desaulniers
Corporate Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Luis D. Ganoza
Chief Financial Officer
Cesar E. Velasco
Chief Operating Officer – Latin America
David Whittle
Chief Operating Officer – West Africa
Paul Weedon
Senior Vice President, Exploration
Eric Chapman
Senior Vice President, Technical Services
Julien Baudrand
Senior Vice President, Sustainability

Management Leadership Team

Carlos Baca
Vice President, Investor Relations
Neil Colbourne
Vice President, Operations – West Africa
Ryan Hairsine
Vice President, Projects
Carlos Manrique
Vice President, Operations – Latin America
Armando Nakamura
Vice President, People
Kevin O'Reilly
Vice President, Finance and Accounting
Country Head, Argentina
Luiz Camargo
Country Head, Mexico
Rafael Helguero
Country Head, Peru
Peter McLean
General Manager Operations, Séguéla
Nick Riches
General Manager Operations, Burkina Faso