Corporate governance

We are committed to transparent, efficient, and inclusive governance.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics states the principles and standards of conduct expected by everyone who works on our behalf.

The Board is responsible for the stewardship of the Company. Its responsibilities include overseeing the Company’s Management and conduct, providing direction and guidance to Management and overseeing the identification and management of risk associated with the Company’s business, establishing corporate governance policies and approving corporate strategies and goals.

Board of Directors Mandate

Board Chair Position Description

Board committees

Assisting the Board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities are four committees composed of Board members. All members of the Audit, Compensation, and Corporate Governance and Nomination Committees are independent. The Sustainability Committee is comprised of a majority of independent members.

Each committee has a charter that details its purpose, responsibilities, procedural matters, composition, and structure.

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee Charter

Sustainability Committee Charter

Code of Conduct and Ethics and Whistle-Blower Policy

Fortuna’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Whistle-Blower Policy (“Code”) applies to all directors, officers, employees, and consultants of the Company and its subsidiaries. The Code provides an avenue for anyone to raise concerns anonymously and be protected from reprisals or victimization for whistle-blowing in good faith.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Whistle-Blower Policy

  • Whistle-blower Channels
    • Third-party-run online tool at
    • Communication with a supervisor or manager
    • Phone
      • Argentina: 0.800.444.5616
      • Burkina Faso:
      • Canada: 1.855.384.9882
      • Côte d’Ivoire:
      • Mexico: 001.800.840.7907
      • Peru: 0.800.52116

Additional documents are available in our Library.